Ikky was born in Israel & raised on a Kibbutz where she was dancing from the age of 10.

Dancing at all the kibbutz events, weddings & holidays made her understand that that is what she loves to do most.
In 1982 Ikky moved to Tel Aviv & start teaching Aerobic, Step, Aqua & Body Condithing classes in the most popular dance studios, country clubs, universities & even on a stage at the beach during the summers.

In 1985 Ikky graduate the The Wingate Institute, the Israel's National Centre for Physical Education and Sport & opened her own gym called  "The Fit Hour” where beside training members on the floor, she was also teaching 6 classes a day to members who followed her from all places she tough before, at that time her gym was one of the busiest gym in Tel Aviv.

In 1991 after meeting her husband to be she closed her gym & moved to NY. While leaving in Manhattan Ikky find herself continue teaching her classes for different studios & privet clubs in Manhattan, Queen
Ikky is living in Great Neck since 1997 and was teaching at “Ny Health & Racquet Club” till it was closed. During her 18 years teaching at NYHRC Ikky formed an amazing group of ladies that stayed with her all those years & still are.

Ikky’s workout rule no. 1 is safety, her knowledge about the body, the way the muscles works & the safety form during workout made her clients super comfortable knowing they will never get hurt or abuse their bodies

Even thought her class today called - “Senior Fit” and gear to the elderly crowd, this is not an easy class, Ikky made these ladies work hard & always reach for more, she combine her workout with balance exercise something she believes is a must for all as we aged, she is so proud of each one of her clients & feel great to know that she is the one who gives them a reason to get up every Tuesday & Thursday morning (as they declare) and come to her classes.
Most of Ikky’s members been with her for almost 20 years, they love her attitude, cheerful smile, energy & how much she cares for each one of them.

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